Inspection Systems

Stand Alone, Offline, Inprocess, Integrated, Upgrades, & Rebuilds

We design, manufacture, and integrate a full line of inspection systems, verification, sorting and ID verification machines.

We provide stand alone inspection systems to operate offline or we can easily integrate any technology into your current process using our plug and play J5 integration system.

In today’s fast paced environment that demands you meet stringent quality standards PAI can help you achieve the results needed to operate in the Zero-defect environment.

We also provide a rebuild service to bring your old/imported systems up to date with parts and service available from a local source. Don’t put your trust in a company thousands of miles away, trust PAI and we will deliver.​

Our Inspection Systems utilize up to date technology including:


We Build On Modular Platform Applications

Our line-up of inspection machines is second to none. We build on a Modular platform that allows our customers the flexibility to change with the industry demands. Our modular design will allow you to purchase additional technologies for the same platform at a later date, as you need them. Vision today can turn into Vision AND eddy current tomorrow. If a recess inspection is needed you can add this later too…. same as 360-degree inspection. Our experience has taught us that what is needed today may look different than what is needed next year. As customers’ demands changes, so can our machines.

Our goal is to ensure our machines are readily adaptable to prevent the need to have specialized machines on your floor that cannot be utilized every day or be repurposed later in its life cycle. Whether you need a high speed or slow machine, off-line or in-process, we are confident that we can be your preferred partner when you want a precise machine.

When you’re not using any of the added technologies, they can be turned off. This allows you to have a fully flexible machine that specializes in what you need, when you need it. There is no need to wait for the right parts to sort anymore. This means no machine idle time and no wasted floor space.

If a new machine is not in the budget, we can always rebuild and recontrol one of your current models or old machines.