We design fully Automated Laser Marking Enclosures to mark your parts with little to no operator assistance.

As the requirement for accountability and traceability continues to grow in manufacturing, so does the need for faster, flexible and more reliable marking options.

Laser marking is a versatile technology widely used for product identification through the precise and permanent marking of various information like barcodes, serial numbers, and QR codes. Laser systems use focused laser beams to engrave or etch these identifiers onto a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and more.


Product identification is the process of assigning a unique and traceable identifier to each individual product or component produced. 

Barcodes provide a unique numerical code that can be scanned for tracking and inventory management.

Serial numbers are essential for traceability and quality control, enabling manufacturers to monitor individual product history.

QR codes contain extensive data, such as website links or detailed product information, accessible via smartphone scanning.